Canadian Aniridia Network


Our primary objectives – Support and Research

The Canadian Aniridia Network is a foundation for providing information and support to Aniridia patients and to create awareness. We want to bring our countries expert on Aniridia together and make it possible for Aniridia patients to get the best possible care for the best people in the field of Aniridia. Not all Aniridia patients have access to the same quality of information and care that is required to protect and preserve the vision that they have. For some patients they are the first and only person in their community with the condition and the health care providers available are not well informed or equipped to help the patient. Through The Canadian Aniridia Network we can work to bridge the gap between patients that need help and those professionals that are able to provide that help. We encourage you to explore our website and to reach out to us and our members on Twitter and Facebook.

The Canadian Aniridia Foundation has a vision to fund research that may lead to treatments and cures for many of the eye conditions that are common to Aniridia patients, and possibly cure Aniridia itself. We also have a vision to provide assistance for Canadian living with Aniridia to ensure that they are able to receive the best possible care and treatments available from professionals who are experienced and who are experts in deal with Anirida patients. While research is critical in developing vital treatments and potential cures those treatments and cures are only effective when the patient is able to receive them.

The Canadian Aniridia Network would like to ask for you support. Our immediate focus is to create awareness among professionals and identify individuals with Aniridia in Canada. If you want to get involved please connect with us, volunteer, or donate.


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